Juniper Environmental

Juniper is a true archaeological firm, devoted to meticulously inventorying, excavating, and analyzing key areas of land. Their consultation to companies exploring and developing the Williston Basin and northern plains for petroleum, is vital to obtaining accurate scientific and historic data. They delicately assess each area to manage cultural and natural resources, while preserving the rich history of the plains. To rebrand Juniper and properly portray the essence of their company, we had to do some digging ourselves.

We learned all we could about them and the industry they serve. The result is a new logo and tag line, along with a trade show presence, brochure and micro-website dedicated to Williston Basin energy exploration, that accurately communicates who they are and what they do.

If you’ve got a unique product or service that requires deep exploration, give us a call – we're eager to dig in.

Environmental Consulting marketing and brand development