Baldwin LightStream

The history of the American communications industry is as rich as its contributions to the turn-of-the-century boom known as the great industrial age. Baldwin Telephone Exchange began in 1900 and has been evolving ever since – bringing the latest technology to the people of Western Wisconsin. The name changed several times over the past 100 plus years, but their dedication to service has not. We were asked to help bring their brand into the 21st century.

To do so, we learned all we could about BTI (Baldwin Telecommunications Inc), the communications industry and the people it served. Then we went to work to develop a powerful new brand vision. One that could hold all the history, and carry it forward for decades to come.  This included everything from the logo and tagline to a complete messaging and image over-haul. We feel confident that Baldwin LightStream will stand the test of time as it embarks on another 100 years of service.

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